Sad songs for bittersweet moments


More than seventy-five years later, Grandma still loves to tell the story of how she and Grandpa met.

There’s a lot I’ve not forgotten
I let go of other things
If I tried they’d probably be
Hard to find

Today is my friend’s birthday. She’s officially closer to 60 than 50.

Tomorrow my baby leaves for England with her dad–for the first time without me. This time next year she’ll be a high school graduate.

Grandma’s second cataract surgery this week didn’t go well. She’s reached a new level of helplessness as a result.

Oh, and I’ve been listening to The National’s new album nonstop.

Holy crap, right? Who wouldn’t get all introspective?

Life is full of holding on and letting go. In her letters, Grandma talks about Grandpa as if they just met, even though that was in 1939 and he’s been gone for eight years. For me, Chloe’s trip brings up memories of happy times the five of us had in the UK when the girls were young. I loved those times; I just have to remember to tiptoe through them to avoid the still-too-fresh memories of my divorce.

Grandma’s failing health naturally reminds me of my Mom and Grandpa, and I’m glad to have those memories to hold onto. Maybe Grandma will come back from her setback. Or maybe this is the beginning of the end. Either way, looking back on her life will be better knowing I helped her when she faced the ultimate letting go. Especially when The National is the soundtrack to my reminiscing.


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