Long-term Care Land


Trying to file a long-term insurance claim is like playing a game — but it’s no fun.

Click on the image for a larger version. And good luck!

Assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing are expensive. But if you think your loved one’s care will be covered by their long-term care policy, think again. Fine print, red tape and corporate greed make it difficult if not impossible to ever cash in on that expensive policy.


7 thoughts on “Long-term Care Land

    • Like so many things in our society, people throw out these blanket statements such as “respect the elderly.” But the corporations that control their fates and the politicians they lobby couldn’t care less if their policy holders get the care they need.

      • In a weird way, I thought of you when I read the article in the NY Times about America’s cost for having a baby being the highest on earth. It pervades everything, doesn’t it?

  1. Money is everything in our healthcare system. I know not everyone’s a Michael Moore fan, but his movie Sicko did a really good job of highlighting myth vs. reality of Americans having the best health care system in the world. Most expensive does not equal best.

  2. It is a shame the way the long term care system works. My father worked hard all his life, often doing without to take care of us. He thought all his life insurance policies would leave us sitting pretty. He had a major stroke at 60 and had to be put in a nursing home. When he finally came out of his coma, he was so angry to be so very disabled. We never told him the nursing home took EVERYTHING he worked for. His home, his car and every policy he had. He passed away still thinking he had taken care of his girls.

    • It is very sad. My Grandma was so proactive — now I’m scared to death she’s going to actually need the insurance she’s been paying on for 20 years. Every call to John Hancock is an exercise in futility. I really hate that company.

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